Through NYC Mailbox, you will receive a prestigious NYC address in one of three prominent locations. Whether you use the mailbox for business or personal reasons, this address provides you with a convenient and cost effective mailing solution.

Package acceptance from any carrier:
Mailbox service is like having your own fully staffed mailroom working for you. Our expert staff will always be there to sign for your packages from any major carriers or couriers. So, instead of waiting around for your parcel, you can get on with your life.

Call-in MailCheck and Package Notification:
Why waste a trip if you don't have mail? With Call-in MailCheck and Package Notification, you don't have to. You can call and check for mail or we can notify you when a package you've been expecting has arrived.

Mail holding and forwarding:
Do you travel a lot or live/work outside the area? If so, we can hold mail for you or even forward it to any location, international or domestic, so you can keep up with important matters. See rates for different types of forwarding.

Receipt of oversize parcels:
It doesn't have to fit in your mailbox to have it sent to your mailbox address. We can accept almost any sized package for you.

Digital Services:
Let us be your personal copy center. Whether you need one copy or several hundred, we offer quick, inexpensive service and great quality. You’ll always have exactly what you need before that important deadline or presentation.

With this 24-7 phone service, you will never miss an important call. We provide caller ID, transcribed messages, and e-mail notification for your convenience.

Tired of waiting by the machine for a fax? With this service, you can receive faxes easily and conveniently at your own personal number.

Notary Public Services:
Ever need an important document signed? We are immediately available for anything that needs an official government signature. The next time you have a passport, transcript, marriage license, or any other vital document you need signed, bring it to us for quick service.

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